Health Office

Welcome to the Woodbridge High School Health Office. We are here to ensure that our students have the resources and support they need to stay healthy and safe while at school. Please see the links below for some of our most frequently asked questions and information. Of the topics included in these links, you will find the forms needed for your student to have medication at school (needed for both for over the counter medication as well as prescription medication) as well as our district policy regarding when students need to stay home from school for health related issues.

If you have questions or concerns related to your student's health, please feel free to contact the health office directly.

Felicia Reinert, BSN, RN
School Nurse

Zinnur Guvenc
Health Clerk
949-936-7827 949-936-7829

Return Guidance After Covid-19

IUSD follows the guidance of Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) which can be found hereIf your student has tested positive for Covid-19, please notify the attendance office of the illness. If you have additional questions, email for return to school guidance. 

Other Illness

If your student is sick but is negative for Covid-19, please follow our IUSD Health Guidelines for School Attendance.

COVID-19, Cold, Allergies, and the Flu: What are the Differences? Mayo Clinic Article