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Are you planning to take single course options through Irvine Valley College (i.e. Spanish, Entrepreneurship, Design Model Making, Computer Science Etc.)?

Singular courses are available during the school year and over summer and open to both students currently enrolled at IVC and high school students. These courses are taught on the IVC campus and currently enrolled IVC students are given priority to registering for these classes. High school students can only access singular classes if space is available.


To register, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1

Apply to IVC ( for Summer, Fall, or Spring terms

Step 2

Once you have your IVC ID, go to and click on “New Request” to complete the form.

Step 3

Please select "General K-12" to select your course(s)

Step 4

Once you submit your form electronically, student, parent, and school administrator will sign the document electronically

Step 5

View Registration Appointment, then register online on or after your registration appointment through MySite


Are you planning to take an IVC/IUSD Summer College Class? There are limited courses available every summer through IVC/IUSD Summer College. These courses are taught on the IVC campus and only open to high school students. 

Click here for a list of course offerings this summer!


Complete the following steps to register:

Step 1

Apply to Irvine Valley College HERE for the Summer 2020 term. You will need to create an OpenCCCAccount and then apply for Summer 2020 admission in order to obtain your IVC ID#.  This ID # is required to register for classes

Step 2

Once you have your IVC ID, click HERE and log in using your IVC Username or Email and  your password (IVC ID#) to complete the IUSD High School Special Request Form

Step 3

Once you are logged in, click on “New Request” and complete the K-12 Information and Parent and Guardian fields.

The K-12 Special Admission form is a DocuSign form that requires electronic signatures. Once all signatures are attained, the form will be automatically submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.

The form requires:

  • Students electronic signature
  • Parent/Guardian electronic signature.
  • Principal’s permission or authorized designee electronic signature.

To assure that your current High School administrator approves your course selection you must:

  • Select the “Career College Access Pathway (CCAP)” option
  • Then select the “IUSD Summer Program 2020” and the high school you are currently attending

Enrollments are accepted on a first come basis. Once courses are filled, students are placed on a waiting list.

Step 4

Pay Fees and Purchase Books

Enrollment fees are waived for high schools students. Measure BB will cover the Health Fee, and if applicable, the non-resident tuition and capital outlay fees. Students are responsible for material fees, parking fees, and purchasing books. Although material fees may be paid in person at the time of enrollment or online through MySite, parking fees must be handled through MySite. Payment must be received within five (5) business days of registering or students may be dropped for nonpayment. Books for all classes can be purchased at the Irvine Valley College Bookstore.

Dual Enrollment

Irvine Unified School District and Irvine Valley College have partnered to offer the following “Dual Enrollment” courses to IUSD students during the 2020-21 School Year: Math 353 (fall), Math 253 (spring), Japanese 1 (fall), Japanese 2 (spring), Communications 1 (fall), Counseling 6 (spring), Management 1 (fall),  CIM 110-Information Technology(fall and spring), Entr 160 -Entrepreneurship  (spring), Entr 200, 211, & 212 Pathways to success (spring), Biot 70 Biotechnology (spring), Biot 70L Biotechnology Lab  (spring)

What is Dual Enrollment?

  • IVC classes offered on IUSD campuses either during the school day, online or after school
  • IVC courses taught by IVC professors
  • Courses that allow high school students to earn college credit, transferable to both UC and CSU

Please click here for more information on how to register for Dual Enrollment courses: IVC Dual Enrollment Flyer


Dual Enrollment Course Options/Descriptions for 2020-2021 Offered at WHS:

  • Math 353/253-Offered during the school day at Woodbridge High School, counselor or math teacher recommendation required
    • Math 353 (fall): A first course in algebra. Introduces signed numbers, equations and inequalities, graph and linear equations, functions, and polynomials. Similar to the first year of high school algebra.
    • Math 253 (spring): A continuation of elementary algebra intended to prepare students for subsequent math classes. Includes the real number system, polynomials and factoring, linear equations, complex numbers, and exponential and logarithmic numbers.
  • Japanese 1 Fall 2020-Offered at Woodbridge High School (T/TH 4pm-5:50pm), open to all students
    • UNITS: 5
    • Designed to develop basic skills in understanding, reading and communicating in Japanese. Introduces Japanese syllabic symbols and kanji characters and presents general aspects of Japanese daily life and culture.
  • Japanese 2 Spring 2021- Offered online and open to all students who have completed Japanese 1
    • Designed to develop basic skills in understanding, reading and communicating in Japanese. Expands on Japanese syllabic symbols and kanji characters. Also presents general aspects of Japanese daily life and culture.
  • Communications 1 Fall 2020-Offered at Woodbridge High School (M/W 4pm-5:15pm), open to all students
    • UNITS: 3
    • Offers students an opportunity to understand and use the components and processes of oral communication. Student presentations required.
  • Counseling 6 Spring 2021 (Academic, Career and Life Success)-Offered as a hybrid course (online + seat based), Date and Time TBD, open to all students
    • UNITS: 3
    • Integrates personal, professional, career and academic growth. Development and application of effective communication skills, positive self-image and self-esteem, self-advocacy and strategies for problem solving.

Dual Enrollment Course Options/Descriptions for 2020-2021 Offered at Other IUSD Campuses and Open to WHS students.

  • Management 1 Fall 2020 (Introduction to Business)- Offered at Irvine High School (T/Th 4-5:15pm), First Priority of enrollment will be given to Irvine High School students
    • UNITS: 3
    • A survey in business providing a multidisciplinary examination of how culture, society, economic systems, legal, international, political, financial institutions, and human behavior interact to affect a business organization’s policy and practices within the U.S. and a global society
  • CIM 110 - Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (Information and Technology Communication Essentials)- Offered at Creekside Education Center, taught ONLINE  (Wednesday 4:00-6:50pm), First Priority of enrollment will be given to Creekside High School students 
    • UNITS: 4
    • Introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals. Preparation for the CompTIA A+ certification exams.
  • Entr 160 - Spring 2021 (Entrepreneurship Managing your Business) - Offered at Irvine High School, taught ONLINE  (T/Th 4-5:15),  Priority of enrollment will be given to Irvine High School students 
    • UNITS: 3
    • Introduces key elements of entrepreneurship and small business development. Provides preparation for individuals seeking to engage in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Entr 200, 211 & 212 Spring 2021 (Pathways to Success; Business Models; Market Validation & Research) - Offered at Northwood High School, taught ONLINE (TH/F 8:15 9:45am) Priority of enrollment will be given to Northwood High School students
    • UNITS: 3 total for all three modules
    • Promotes entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines and assists participants in developing a process for transforming ideas into sustainable success. Includes individualized learning assessments designed to assist the student in exploring their frameworks of thought and entrepreneurial potential.
    • Helps student understand the profitability and the process of identifying business goals, developing strategic objectives, critical success factors, and key performance indicators for entrepreneurial endeavors.
    • Explores a variety of available research resources, tools, and techniques for collecting and analyzing market research data. Teaches students how to implement a market validation strategy as well as how to accomplish more with marketing while spending less.
  • Sign 21 - Spring 2021  (Beginning American Sign Language) - Offered at Irvine High School, taught ONLINE  (T/W  8:15-9:45am) Priority of enrollment given to Irvine High School students 
    • UNITS: 4
    • Designed to develop beginning communication skills in American Sign Language. Introduces signs, finger spelling, basic vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of ASL; and unique cultural/linguistic features of the Deaf community.
  • Biot 70 - Spring 2021  (Introduction to Biotechnology) - Offered at Northwood/University, taught ONLINE   priority Northwood/University High School students  
    • UNITS: 3
    • Introduction to the field of biotechnology including history of its origin and development, survey of modern industrial applications and accomplishments, ethical considerations and career paths.
  • Biot 70L - Spring 2021 (Intro. to Biotechnology lab) - Offered at Northwood/University, taught ONLINE  (T 3:30-6:20pm) priority to Northwood/University High School students 
    • UNITS: 1
    • PREQUISITE: Prior completion of or concurrent enrollment in BIOT 70

      Introduction to common techniques and basic skills common to the biotechnology industry.

  *Courses taken at IVC do not fulfill graduation requirements.

Steps to Enroll in IVC Dual Enrollment Courses Spring 2021 (all registration steps must be completed by November 6, 2020)  


NOTE: If you took IVC classes in Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 you can SKIP this STEP.

1) Application:

Link to K12 Admissions Instructions: 
Link to Step by Step Application Instructions: Application Instructions

Apply to IVC for Spring Semester 2021
(2-3 days PRIOR to submitting K12 form—no later than October 28)



2) Choose the K12 form for CCAP Dual Enrollment.

Form submission page:


3) Admissions & Records staff will enroll you in the course prior to the semester start. YOU DO NOT SELF ENROLL. The course will be listed in your MySite by January 3, 2021.


IVC Transfer Agreement Guarantee WS

Are you interested in learning about the Transfer Agreement Guarantees (TAG) offered at Irvine Valley College? IVC counselor Michelle Minkler held a TAG workshop via Zoom on April 22nd from 1:50-2:50pm. To watch the recorded workshop, click HERE

IVC Honors Program

The process has been updated for incoming freshman to apply and submit their material via email.  Some students have mailed their application packets to IVC directly and the Honors Program is constantly checking for that correspondence.  For students that have not completed their application, they will follow the process below:

  • Students will EMAIL application

    A letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, or counselor who can comment favorably on your academic achievement, work habits, and/or engagement with other students. Students should obtain the letter from the recommender and submit it with their application.

    A portfolio of student work that includes a minimum of 3 items that demonstrate academic potential. Items in portfolio should be clearly labeled with your name and may include (but are not limited to) writing samples, artwork, and multimedia presentations. Compile all 3 items into a single PDF document; do not submit Google document links.

  • Unofficial transcripts are ACCEPTED

The link below provides updated details about the process for incoming freshman. 

IVC Honors Program Link:

Matriculation Steps

The deadline to complete your IVC Matriculation steps in order to receive priority registration (Freshman Advantage) is April 17th. Please DO NOT leave it to the last minute. Students can and are encouraged to complete all the required Matriculation steps online through your MySite account. 


Below are the steps you can follow to complete matriculation:

Login into MySite > My Information > Matriculation > 1) Online Orientation

-This will take about 1 hour to complete


Login into MySite > My Information > Matriculation > 2) Guided Self Placement

-This will take about 5 minutes to complete both the English and Math survey


Login into MySite > My Information > Matriculation > 3) Online Advisement

-This will take about 1 hour to complete and will cover the Matriculation steps of Advisement and First Semester Plan


 Login into MySite > My Information > Matriculation > Matriculation Status

-Students can track the progress of the completion of their Matriculation steps here

IVC Counselor Services

Counselor Marcy Maldonado is available for appointments to talk about first semester plans, recommended courses and transfer.

  • To schedule an appointment email Marcy Maldonado at Be sure that your email states the following:
    • Full name
    • IVC Student ID# (if student already has one)
    • High School Name
    • Belief question

*** Allow 48 business hours for reply***