For the 2018-2019 school year, all students will be scheduled into classes periods 3-6. Tutorial will commence following periods 5/6 and all students are required to attend Tutorial each day.

  1. Students must attend Tutorial Tuesday through Thursday and Homeroom on Fridays (no Tutorial on Late Start Days, Pep Rally Days, or Minimum Days).
  2. Students must attend a Tutorial for any of the classes in which they are currently enrolled or the quiet study areas—Media Center or Staff Lounge. Students may only attend Staff Lounge Tutorial one time per week.
  3. A student SHOULD reserve a place PRIOR to Tutorial if they wish to be guaranteed a spot with a particular teacher on a particular day. Students reserve a place by printing their name on the Tutorial Attendance Sheet for the date of the Tutorial.
  4. Students have five minutes to arrive at their chosen Tutorial. If they do not make it within the five minutes, they will be assigned a Saturday school. Any student caught out of the classroom during the thirty minutes will also be assigned a Saturday school.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to arrive at Tutorial with study or reading materials.
  6. All students must sign a Tutorial Attendance Sheet each day.
  7. Students may not leave Tutorial for any reason.
  8. Students may attend only one Tutorial per day and may not switch classes.
  9. Any misbehavior in Tutorial will result in expulsion from that room and instant referral/Saturday school.