Principal's Message

They may start at Oak Creek, Springbrook, Meadow Park, Stone Creek, Culverdale, Westpark and Eastshore.  They may have been a Shark, a Mariner or a Star.  But when students set foot on this campus something extraordinary happens.  They go from many to one.  They become Warriors. 

I am so excited to welcome everyone to this school year. For those of you that are new to Woodbridge I want you to know that this is a special place full of special people. There is no other school with the same combination of high standards, extracurricular involvement, and commitment to developing well-rounded citizens as Woodbridge High School. I can assure you that with each school year these same values guide our attitudes, policies and practice.

This is a time of great potential and promise for our students, with a group of seniors months away from accepting offers for enrollment in the most elite colleges, universities and post high school programs our nation has to offer.  And although we will be incredibly proud of these accomplishments, we do not view them as a marker of our success. These opportunities are just beginnings.  These are the next steps in our students’ journey towards our ultimate goal… thriving in life.  If you’ve been within earshot of me at any time these past few years you’ve heard me say the following:

“Schools should not be measured by the successes of their students, but instead the lives led by their alumni.”

We feel that success here is only true success if it is an indicator of success in life after high school.  Students should not peak in high school, or even college, but move forward with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in life.  At Woodbridge we recognize that we have been given a huge responsibility. We do not celebrate students who have made it to the finish line, but only when our young men and women are ready for the long road ahead.  Our educational platform is designed to allow students to enter the world with the foundational skill set, creative capacity, citizenship, and adaptability to navigate a college and career path that may not yet exist, in a world that is rapidly evolving.

You may notice us routinely referring to "The Way of the Warrior". This "way" is the embodiment of academic and character values we know are essential for success in life after high school. Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (Character, Communitry, Critical Thinking)  serve as overarching facets of our instructional program that we seek to develop both through our existing curriculum and in our climate and culture. Our character values of Empathy, Integrity and Perseverance are essential capacities we elicit and develop, knowing they are vital for our students to achieve their goals. 

We know that our parents are essential partners in achieving the mission described above. Whether it be through PTSA, various Booster organizations, or simply in communication with teachers and the monitoring of student’s progress, student success is only possible if we work together.  If you are interested in getting connected please utilize the contact information on our website to get involved.  Our Warrior community is truly something special and yet another reason our students do so well. 

I have an unwavering belief in the greatness of Woodbridge High School, and each and every one of our students and staff.  I want to thank you in advance for your support. Welcome again. 

We are many.  We are one.  We are Warriors.   

Christopher Krebs