IUSD/IVC Dual Enrollment

Irvine Unified School District and Irvine Valley College have partnered to offer the following “Dual Enrollment” courses to WHS students this upcoming fall semester: Introduction to Sociology, Beginning American Sign Language, Communications 1, Japanese 1, and Elementary Algebra 353.

What is dual enrollment?

  • IVC classes offered on IUSD campuses either during the school day or after school
  • IVC courses taught by IVC professors
  • Courses that allow high school students to earn college credit, transferable to both UC and CSU

Course Descriptions and Info:

SOC 1 - Introduction to Sociology (3 College Units) Class meets 8/22/2019-12/18/2019, Tuesday/Thursday, 4:00pm-5:15pm on the Irvine High School Campus

Studies how groups, organizations, and societies shape people's lives. From the intimate family to criminal behavior to religious cults; from divisions of race, gender, and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture.

SIGN 21 - Beginning American Sign Language I (5 College Units) Class meets 8/22/2019-12/18/2019, Days TBD, Period 1 on the Irvine High School Campus (*only available to WHS students with an open 1st and 2nd period fall 2019)

Designed to develop beginning communication skills in American Sign Language. Introduces signs, finger spelling, basic vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of ASL; and unique cultural/linguistic features of the Deaf community.

COMM 1 – Communication Fundamentals (3 College Units) Class meets 8/26/2019-12/18/2019, Monday/Wednesday, 4:00pm-5:25pm on the Woodbridge High School Campus

Offers students an opportunity to understand and use the components and processes of oral communication. Student presentations required.

JA 1 – Beginning Japanese I (5 College Units) Class meets 8/22/2019-12/18/2019, Tuesday/Thursday, 4:00pm-5:50pm on the Woodbridge High School Campus

Designed to develop basic skills in understanding, reading and communicating in Japanese. Introduces Japanese syllabic symbols and kanji characters and presents general aspects of Japanese daily life and culture.

MATH 353 – Elementary Algebra (5 College Units and 5 high school credits per semester) Class meets 8/22/2019-12/18/2019, during the bell schedule (period TBD) on the Woodbridge High School Campus. (*Course requires prior approval to enroll from your assigned WHS Counselor)

This is the first course in algebra. The course introduces signed numbers, equations and inequalities, graphs, linear equations, functions, and polynomials. Students perform arithmetic operations with a real numbers and algebraic expressions; graph and solve linear equations and inequalities; and perform algebraic operations with polynomials, rational expressions, and equations.

Students must complete the following steps to complete registration:

Step 1: Fill out this interest link

Step 2: Attend a mandatory informational session

Location: Woodbridge High School Theater

Date: Thursday, May 2

Time: Tutorial (1:20-1:50)

Step 3: After attending the mandatory informational session, apply for admission (unless you are currently registered)

http://admissions.ivc.edu ; click on Admission

  • Summer and Fall applications accepted beginning February 1
  • Spring applications accepted beginning August 1

*The matriculation process (orientation, assessment and counseling) is automatically deferred for students enrolled in grades K-12.

Step 4: Complete the attached IVC College & Career Access Pathways (CCAP)/MOU Special Admission Form and submit to Mr. Morante in the WHS Counseling Office, no later than May 24, 2019. Please report to Juan Morante in the WHS Counseling Office to obtain a Principal’s Signature. Forms submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. No exceptions.

If you have any additional questions about Dual Enrollment, please talk to your student’s assigned WHS counselor or David Shenouda, IVC Dual Enrollment, by email: dshenouda@ivc.edu or phone: 949-451-5412