Yearbook Distribution

Yearbooks will be distributed on the following dates at the following times:


Thursday (5/27) 1:10pm-1:45pm in the quad-cohort A and IVA students

Friday (5/28) 1:10pm-1:45pm in the quad-cohort B and IVA students

Tuesday (6/1) 7:30am-8:00am in the quad-cohort A

Tuesday (6/1) 11:10am-12:00pm in the quad-both cohorts

Tuesday (6/1) 3:10pm-3:45pm in the quad-cohort B and IVA students

After Tuesday all books can be picked up at the attendance window with Mrs. Brown during school hours.


Please remember to bring you student id.


Still want to purchase a book? You can buy one on the Woodbridge Webstore, or in the Activities Office before school, during break, during lunch, or after school (until 3:30pm)