Counseling Services

The mission of the Woodbridge High School Counseling Department is to provide educational, personal, and career guidance for all students. We strive to develop effective programs and strategies to meet the many needs of the adolescent student. Woodbridge High counselors focus on fostering a sense of social and academic empowerment, career development awareness, and responsible decision making in our students.

Counselor appointments are scheduled directly through the assigned counselor. Students are assigned to counselors by last name and remain with their assigned counselor.

Counselors are available on a walk-in basis for students who are in need of emergency counselor support during the school day. Each WHS counselor also has a student appointment sign-up sheet on their door.

Support provided by counselors include:

  • New and continuing student enrollment

  • High school educational planning and graduation status checks

  • Graduation alternatives

  • College and university entrance requirements and selection procedures

  • Personal, social and emotional support

  • Grade level parent workshops and evening informational sessions

  • Grade level student classroom guidance lessons

  • Referrals to school interventions and community resources

  • Collaboration with students, parents, and teachers

  • College entrance testing information

  • Scholarship and financial aid information

  • College/University letters of recommendation

  • Career awareness and planning



Irvine students, parents and their counselors have access to the Naviance Family Connection, assisting students with academic, career, college and personal planning. Students have access to their individual accounts and are able to keep track of their preparation for post-secondary education programs, including college and university attendance and career planning. Naviance Family Connection complements the series of classroom lessons, individual appointments, speakers, and informational sessions for students and parents we offer throughout the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school.

Other resources can be found on the Counseling website to learn more about college, financial aid, test preparation, and NCAA eligibility.


Ninth graders are enrolled in freshman classes based on middle school teacher recommendations using the criteria of academic performance and work habits. At each progress report counselors review student progress and work with teachers, administrators and parents to implement support strategies, such as Student Intervention Team meetings, referrals to the district Project Success program, and summer school course recommendations. During the spring semester, counselors visit classrooms to provide curricular lessons related to on campus resources and support, graduation requirements, transcripts, college requirements, summer school and tenth grade course selection.


Counselors continue to monitor student progress and identify support programs and summer school recommendations for students to meet graduation requirements. Career, college planning, and developing a 4-year graduation plan becomes the focus of the Sophomore Parent Workshop.

Woodbridge High School Counselors conduct Sophomore Planning conferences with each 10th grade student and their parent or guardian. A review of the student’s past academic performance and the student’s future goals will help to develop an appropriate plan for graduation. Additional discussion topics include college admission testing, career and college exploration, and transcript review.


Juniors are invited to attend presentations by college admission representatives from a variety of colleges and universities through the College and Career Center. During the spring semester, counselors visit 11th grade classes to review graduation and college requirements, college admission testing dates, course selections, career and college exploration, and to conduct a transcript review. Parents are invited to our annual Junior Parent Workshop, informing parents about graduation, the college and university application process, college requirements and post high school options. Throughout the year, counselors monitor student progress in meeting high school graduation and the students’ college and university goals.

12th Grade program

Monitoring student progress to meet high school graduation continues through the twelfth grade year and includes transcript and graduation checks provided to students and parents early in the Fall and Spring semesters. Parents are invited to the annual Senior Parent Workshop providing information on assisting their students through the senior year and preparing for their student’s post-high school program. Counselors meet with seniors in the fall via classroom guidance lessons to review graduation status, college admissions, and other post-secondary options.

Additionally, small group meetings are held to educate students on the private school application process. Individual student meetings are then held with students requesting letters of recommendations. Throughout the year, counselors monitor student progress towards graduation and the students’ college/university or career goals.


Success in high school is a team effort of parent, student and school. Woodbridge High School counselors are committed to assisting every student in developing a plan to earn a high school diploma. The counselors conduct conferences with each student and parent or guardian if the student is in danger of not meeting the requirements to earn a diploma. A review of the student’s past academic performance and attendance, the results of assorted tests and a definition of the student’s future goals will all help to develop an appropriate plan toward graduation.


This guidebook has been created by a joint effort of IUSD high school counselors and is provided to students during their tenth grade planning conference. Valuable informa- tion and web links in this publication are designed to assist students and families as they plan for college and career after high school.

Link Crew & Orientation

Link Crew is a student leadership program that provides upper classmen mentors for our incoming freshmen and new students. The program develops leadership skills in upperclassmen and provides opportunities for incoming freshmen to establish an early connection to Woodbridge High School. Link Crew leaders are selected through an application and interview process and participate in leadership training workshops. Freshmen meet with their mentors at the Orientation event, during Fall Registration before school starts. Mentors provide an overview of WHS in small groups including a tour of campus.


The Academic Seminar class at Woodbridge High School is an intervention class designed for incoming 9th grade students identified as needing significant academic and/ or personal social support. Students are pre-identified by their IUSD Middle School Counselor. Students participate in the program during the fall and spring semester of their 9th grade year as an elective class. The course is also available to students in grades 10-12 in need of additional support as identified by their WHS counselor. Students are provided academic and/or social/emotional support, in an effort to set the foundation for a smooth and sustainable transition into high school with a goal of success in student academics, school behavior, attendance, and an increased connection to school.


In the fall of junior year, students are encouraged to take the Preliminary SAT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) through College Board. The test is offered by IUSD free of charge and is located on the WHS campus. This exam measures critical reading skills, math problem solving skills, and writing skills. This pre-test helps students become familiar with the kinds of questions that will be asked on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), required for admission by many colleges and universities throughout the nation. The PSAT test results indicate the student’s strengths and weaknesses, which can help them to better prepare for the SAT.


PTSA and the WHS Counseling Department have partnered in an effort to provide students exposure to a variety of career options and pathways. Speakers are selected based on data gathered through Naviance Family Connection, a college and career program that allows students to identify careers in which they are interested. Different career industries are highlighted each month and students are invited to attend these free lunch sessions to learn about job descriptions, academic requirements, and salary information. Although students are encouraged to pre-register for these events by signing up in the Counseling Office, drop-ins are welcome!


The WHS Counseling Department offers an opportunity for students seeking employment to obtain job-readiness skills through resume building workshops and individual mock interviews. Appointments for the program can be made with the ROP specialist in the Counseling Office.


Students involved in Project Success will be provided with opportunities to participate in a variety of activities including: small group counseling, peer leadership, informal mentoring, and other activities based on student need.

These activities are designed to improve students’ self-esteem, healthy behaviors, attendance, organizational and social skills. Program activities are facilitated by school staff, and a qualified support specialist, who is provided by IUSD’s Guidance Resources Office.


The Media Center is home to many of our students on a daily basis. Before school, after school, and during lunch, students may utilize computers, check-out books, use the center as a quiet place to complete homework, complete group projects, or do library research.

The Irvine Unified District provides parents and students with access to student attendance, grades and class grade books. Through the MyIUSD portal, both students and parents are encouraged to log in on a regular basis and keep track of assignment completion, grades and student attendance.


Many teachers utilize current web based software to communicate curricular material, such as Canvas. Students can access assignments, web resources and due date reminders.


The College and Career Center serves as a resource area for students and their parents where investigating and planning for post-secondary pathways can take place.

Internet access and Naviance, the district-wide program, for college and career exploration, aid in this research. The Career Center specialist is available to assist students with their research into careers and the college selection and application process. Parents may call to set an appointment to receive information about:

  • College information
  • College and university catalogs, guides, and brochures
  • Testing materials
  • Financial aid information
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Summer programs
  • Visits from college and university representatives
  • Career resources
  • Career guidance worksheets