Mission & Vision


We are Warriors. We empower ourselves to pursue our passions and overcome our obstacles. We challenge ourselves to think critically and develop lifelong curiosity that will propel us toward our college and career goals. We work together each day to develop integrity and foster creativity. We celebrate our victories and we support each other in our struggles. We are many. We are one. We are Warriors.


Way of the warrior:


We will identify the purpose of our communication and select a medium, tone, organization and style that reflect the task, purpose and audience. We will recognize the power of communication and refine our use of a chosen medium to create a compelling voice that conveys information clearly and coherently.

Critical Thinking

We will be able to construct viable positions, arguments and critiques based on evidence and data. We will be able to navigate large quantities of information and evaluate the validity and relevancy of this information. We will also be able to recognize how and when we encounter situations in which evidence and data based positions are challenged in a personal, local, national and global context and be able to respond accordingly.


We will be able to synthesize information from multiple sources and do the following:
create models to inform and solve practical or abstract situations, form a new voice, construct an alternate theme, define a new perspective or level of understanding. We will understand the value of taking creative risks and do so when necessary. We will understand how diverse mediums can provide insight on emotion, humanity, and our interpretation of ideas.


We will engage in inquiry resulting in further examination and exploration of topics. We will employ questioning, generate conjectures or hypotheses, and conduct research that deepens our understanding of ideas, concepts and natural phenomena found in the world around us.


We will establish and accomplish complex, multifaceted and relevant long-term goals. In the face of challenges and setbacks we will utilize our psychological resources, academic mindset, intrinsic motivation, and specific strategies and tactics to deal with those obstacles. We will
recognize that failure is an essential part of growth and use failure as an opportunity to learn.


We will demonstrate the ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams. We will build the capacity to recognize emotions, background, and intent of others in order to understand situations from another point of view. We will exercise flexibility and willingness to
be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal. We will assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, and value the individual contributions made by each team member.